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Review: Tea tree therapy sheet masks by DearPacker

To be honest, I don't enjoy using sheet masks because they feel wet and cold. But  I will never be without them for one main reason: they lower the temperature of the skin and in this way diminish inflammation.

They are brilliant even for those of us without inflamed acne, because they make the skin look calmer and even toned.

Tea tree therapy sheet masks by DearPacker

I've not tried many sheet masks, and the ones I have tried were such a bad fit for my face, that I felt discouraged to try and find other masks. But not all sheet masks are created equal. The Teatree Therapy mask by DearPacker which I tried recently didn't have a very bad fit. I've had worse.

I can't say that I enjoyed using this mask, because I don't like the wet, cold feeling while it is on my face, but I loved the result of using it. And I also enjoyed its scent- gentle and flowery. I wasn't surprised that it didn't smell of Tea tree. My guess is, as with so many other Korean products, the formula includes Tea tree water, not Tea tree essential oil. Apparently, essential oils have a bad reputation in Korea as many people cannot tolerate them.

After using this mask, my skin was sensationally calmer and pampered. I attribute this not only to the soothing  skin loving ingredients: Tea tree, Panthenol, Vitamin B, Vitamin K3 but also to the fact that it lowers my skin's temperature.

I purchased 5 Tea tree Therapy masks on eBay together with the iUNIK Tea tree relief serum for £14. A pretty good deal, isn't it?  The serum alone is usually about £12.  

Are there any Tea tree sheet masks you would like to recommend? Leave a comment below.

Advice for people with inflamed acne

Sheet masks are usually loaded with some sort of serum or essence. Choose a mask appropriate for your skin type. Once on our skin, this wet mask  remains wet and cold for 15-20 min and lowers the temperature of our skin. This results in reduced inflammation. Not a lot, and not for long, but enough for the skin to appear calmer after the use of a sheet mask. You should try using appropriate sheet masks daily. Putting ice on top of the painful pimples would also help.

Till next time, Milu

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