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About this blog
One of my 2017 resolutions is to transform my oily, acne prone and acne scarred skin. In this blog I will write about my personal journey to better skin health. I will review products, health supplements,  and cosmetic procedures I try.

Who am I
I am over 30 and have mature oily, acne prone  and acne scarred skin. A few months ago I thought that my skin could improve only if I underwent some cosmetic procedures such as laser. But then I discovered Korean skin care. My skin improved overnight. Now I am hopeful that with even better selection of products I could transform my skin completely.

Below is a list of what I want to accomplish by 2018:

1.I want products to refine my pores so that they are not clogged.
2.I want to be pimple free even around my period.
3.Or if I must get a pimple or two, I want powerful anti-inflammatory products that do not damage my skin in the process of killing bacteria.
4.I want to remain wrinkle free and I want products that erase the few wrinkles that I have.
5.I want amazingly smooth skin around my eyes and firm, not droopy eyelids.
6.I want irresistibly kissable lips.
7.I want firm and denser skin on the neck.
8.I want no brown spots.
9.I want  no scars from acne.
10.I want smaller pores.
11. I want no wrinkles on my neck and decollate.
Simply put, I want to transform my oily, acne prone skin.

Who is this blog for
This blog is for people who would appreciate reading about my personal experience with different skin care products.   If you happen to find a review interesting or helpful, I would be very pleased. If you recommend products for me to try and share your experience with great products, that would be great.


I don't work in the Beauty or Health care industry therefore I do not have deep knowledge of skin loving ingredients. What I do know I've learnt from reading articles, magazines, books and other people's blogs. Whenever I can, I will post links to in-depth articles on ingredients. In this blog you will read about my experience with different products, but I am not in a position to recommend what may be good for your skin. I have found other people's reviews of products very helpful when deciding whether to give a product a try. I hope that you will find my reviews helpful as well. And I also hope that you will leave comments and share your experience.

Let us talk. Are you currently using any transformational products?

I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment.


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Did I like using Manyo Factory Galactomyces niacin?

No. I will not repurchase Manyo Factory Galactomycesniacin again. UPDATE:31/08/17 It has been 7 months since I wrote this post and in that time I've learnt that Niacin is a very well researched skin loving ingredient. I will be purchasing products containing Niacin :-) and hoping it will "shrink" my pores. 

Observations about applying the product and how it felt on the skin

Applying it felt like applying water. No scent, no colour, with a consistency that was a bit thicker than water. It felt cool on application. None of those are reasons to dislike the product of course.

After application, my skin did not feel or look any different. By that I mean that my skin did not feel more comfortable and nourished like it usually does with Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules; my skin did not feel soothed and caressed like it usually does with Tosowoong's Osory oil emulsion; my skin did not feel energised and refreshed like …

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I first heard about the Sulwhasoo range from one of my favourite Youtubers- Lili. Her blog title is I am a beauty junky and that is also the name of her YouTube channel. I don't remember her reviewing the Herblinic EX Restorative Ampoules but when I researched several Sulwhasoo products she talked about, I found a couple of reviews on Herblinic and was intrigued enough to order samples from Ebay.  I bought 30 samples and they lasted me 15 days ( using them day and night).

From the very first application, my skin was nourished like never before. I could tell that this was one amazing product.

This honey like cream/serum is apparently packed with medicinal herbs which are said to  help nourish and  repair damaged skin. It smells herby and to me that scent is calming. It looks like honey but it spreads easily and little goes a long way. The application can be a bit sticky, but I don't mind that. One sample is enough for my face and neck.

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My face loves it, my neck adores it.The Radiance Energy mask is an amazing sleeping mask with White Jade. The scent is very Sulwhasoo like- herby and mysterious. I apply it in the evening as the last step in my regimen. It glides smoothly, but not too easily because the mask is rather thick.  It forms a non-sticky film on the skin which feels comfortable during the night. In the morning I rinse it off and then I use a foaming cleanser to wash my face with.

Before I wash the mask off in the morning my skin feels very well rested and it looks calm and smooth. After I wash it off, my skin looks "awake" and youthful. The difference it has made to the texture of the skin on my neck is remarkable. I feel that my neck always needs more moisture, more care, more powerful ingredients. I don't know how this mask works, but it does. It certainly delivers that "more" that I need especially for my neck.

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